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 Yahoo!, 5 November 2001

The Brick Testament 

The greatest Bible stories ever told have found a bold, new interpretation from an non-traditional oracle: Lego bricks. Revisit age-old tales like the Fall from Grace, the Great Flood, the Last Supper, and the Crucifixion. Acquaint yourself with a stern-faced Yahweh as he makes pivotal anthropomorphic appearances in the O.T. narratives. While in the N.T., who else but Jesus Christ as the superstar? Indeed, Chuck Heston in all his bearded glory has nothing on this cast of bubble-talking biblical characters. The language and "loose" interpretation of some passages may offend the King James crowd, but to that we say: It's all in good humor, folks!

 Yahoo! Site of the Week
The Brick Testament was a Yahoo! Site of the Week for 5 November 2001. Their write-up can be seen here on the Yahoo! webiste, and is reprinted above.

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