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 Taipei Times - 13 October 2003

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Lego tells Bible stories

Anyone who enjoys stories from the Bible in a somewhat unorthodox setting will find The Brick Testament (http://www.thebricktestament.com) to their liking. Here, surfers can click their way through famous Bible scenes made of Lego blocks, set up and digitally photographed by California's Brendan Powell Smith. Among the scenes already put into plastics are the first two books of the Old Testament (Genesis and Exodus) as well as the gospels, acts, and epistles of Paul. Most scenes are built completely out of original Lego blocks, assures the artist and self-proclaimed "Reverend" of his Web site. Only in exceptional circumstances did he reach for the X-acto knife or Sharpie.

 Lego tells Bible stories
This is the text of an item that was featured in the 13 October 2003 edition of the Taiwanese newspaper Taipei Times. It can also be read online here.

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