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 San Francisco Bay Guardian - 24-30 November 2004

All volumes great and small
Yes, Virginia, there are books petite enough to be stuffed into stockings
By Miriam Wolf

...Maybe you need something a bit more, shall we say ... seasonal for giving. You can't get more seasonal than Brendan Powell Smith's Brick Testament, a retelling of the Bible entirely with Lego blocks (www.bricktestament.com). And just in time for the holiday season, here comes The Brick Testament: The Story of Christmas (Quirk Books, 94 pages, $12.95). Smith's incredibly detailed Bible scenes, accompanied by the relevant biblical quotes, are a form of obsessive brilliance. They'll make you laugh and lust for new Lego sets, and send a shiver down your spine. The Brick Testament: The Story of Christmas is disturbing on so many levels, not the least of which is that the baby Jesus has no arms or legs. He's made of just two pieces of Lego: a smiling head and a white cylindrical head-shaped piece meant to be his body...

All volumes great and small
This is an exceprt from an article which appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian in the 24-30 November 2004 issue. An online version of the article can be found here.

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