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 Sacramento News & Review - 17 April 2003

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The Brick Testament

By Kel Munger

Here’s an illustrated Bible made up entirely of religious tableaus created with Legos building blocks. A fellow calling himself the Rev. Brendan Powell Smith has gone far beyond those little houses and farms we used to make. I began with the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah--a personal favorite--and almost choked on my coffee. Not only are the stories biblically accurate (they’re mostly taken verbatim from the New Jerusalem Bible, and any deviations from the canon are duly noted), but they’re incredibly graphic. Fortunately, the reverend has them rated for nudity, sexual content, violence and cursing--all stuff with which the Bible is full to bursting. Although the site is incomplete (the Old Testament runs through Aaron’s death, and the New Testament up to the Pauline letters), it’s wonderfully detailed. I can’t wait to see what Revelation looks like: Legoland Armageddon!

 In the Mix - Websites
This is the text of an item that was featured in Arts & Culture section of the 17 April 2003 edition of weekly magazine Sacramento News & Review. It can also be read online here.

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