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 Przekroj - 5 January 2003

 LEGO Raj Utracony
This feature ran on pages 32-37 of the 5 Januray 2003 edition of the Polish weekly, Przekroj. The article, according to its writer, is about "how LEGO went to the dogs", and puts forth the notion that LEGO is now more for adults than for children. The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith was interviewed for the article, and two images from The Brick Testament are reprinted. Above is an excerpt from the article which mentions Smith, and below is the Last Supper image which spread across two pages.

Also featured in the magazine's table of contents below is another piece of LEGO artwork created by The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith. This work was originally created and photographed to be the CD cover of The Human Heads debut album, here come the heads.

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