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 Las Vegas Weekly - 4-10 December 2003

Christmas the Weekly Way

...For the Theologian

The Brick Testament
Author and atheist Brendan Powell Smith was inspired one day to construct the Bible out of Legos. "There I was, enjoying a leisurely lunch one evening at the local Taco Bell, when suddenly my bean burrito burst into flames and I heard the unmistakable voice of God," he recounts in the book's introduction. This book is the result of that godly voice, and it's truly a divine work. Highlights include a Lego Jacob wrestling a LegoGod, Lego heads drowning when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, and the slaughtering of a Lego goat with a felt coat of many colors used as the weapon.
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 Christmas the Weekly Way
This is an excerpt from an article that ran in the 4-10 December 2003 edition of Las Vegas Weekly. An online version of this article can also be found here.

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