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 Irish Examiner - 9 December 2003

Christmas gifts to make a holy show of yourself
By Dan Buckley

LOOKING for the perfect seasonal gift to impress your parish priest, or convince your friends you have finally lost it? Well, hallelujah, your search is over, thanks to strange new religious gifts available on the internet.

They include the Happy Birthday Jesus Tree Topper, a bearded doll to replace the traditional fairy at the top of the Christmas tree. According to its makers, it "lights up when plugged in and has nail prints in both hands".

Or how about The Brick Testament a holy trinity made up of Lego figures? You could always choose a nodding Virgin Mary doll and a mobile phone cover featuring a glowing crucifix. They top a list of bizarre religious gifts compiled by the satirical Christian website Ship of Fools...

 Christmas gifts to make a holy show of yourself
This is an except from the text of an item that ran in the 9 December 2003 edition of the Irish Examiner. An online version can be found here.

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