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 Berlingske Tidende - 18 December 2002

 Helligånd så det klosder
This article, which ran in Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende on 18 December, 2002, is primarily focused on twelve-year-old Danish boy Glenn Vejilø who has illustrated the story of Jesus's birth in LEGO and made a website out of it. What the article fails to mention, is that young Glenn's creation is an obvious image-for-image re-rendering of the same story from this website. The article does breifly mention The Brick Testament and it's creator. The following is a translation of that section into English, kindly provided by Danish resident Martin Bruun:

"But Danish Glenn is not the only one who has tried creating biblical stories. An American pop-musician and multi-artist who is calling himself The Reverend (English: pastor) Brendan Powell Smith has also used his Lego bricks to tell some of the stories from the Bible. Look at www.thereverend.com/brick_testament."


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