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The Brick Bible is one artist’s epic endeavor to illustrate the entire Bible using only LEGO bricks. It is motivated by a desire to increase people’s knowledge and consideration of the content of the Bible in a way that’s captivating and fun while always staying true to the text of the scriptures.

Each story is told using quotes from the Bible illustrated with a slideshow of scenes constructed entirely out of LEGO building bricks. Each is crafted and photographed by the renowned artist and author Elbe Spurling (formerly Brendan Powell Smith).

In addition to this sprawling website, The Brick Bible has spawned a hit book series with over half a million titles in print, and carried by major retailers including Costco, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Amazon. Autographed copies of books can be ordered directly from the artist.

Since the LEGO company has never produced any Bible-themed sets, every character and every bit of scenery in The Brick Bible is a result of creative recombinations of parts from LEGO sets that were released anywhere from the 1960s through today.

For ease of understanding and avoidance of copyright issues, The Brick Bible uses its own wording of the Bible’s text. But chapter and verse numbers are always cited and also act as clickable links to the rendering of the same verses in the King James Version, the New International Version, the New Revised Standard Version, the New Living Translation, and the Easy-to-Read Version.

For press inquiries or other questions, email: contact@thebrickbible.com.

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